Congratulations on the Lab's New Paper Published in Nature Photonics

Radiative cooling is a ubiquitous passive cooling process that radiates heat out to the universe through the atmospheric transparency window. Recent advances in nanophotonics have enabled latest breakthroughs in daytime radiative cooling and have inspired intense research efforts in this field. Radiative cooling is now at the forefront of renewable energy research, with important implications in energy consumption reduction and global warming mitigation.

In a recent collaborative work with Prof. Shanhui Fan from Stanford University, we discuss the fundamental photonics and thermodynamics concepts that underlie the processes of radiative cooling. Understanding of these concepts is essential both for the demonstration of cooling effects and for the development of practical technology. This paper, entitled “Photonics and thermodynamics concepts in radiative cooling”, is published in Nature Photonics. Congratulations to the lab!

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FIG.1 Research progress of daytime radiative cooling based on photonic structure design

FIG.2 Thermodynamic concept of radiative cooling

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