Congratulations to Prof. Longnan Li and Prof. Wei Li for Successfully Organizing the PIERS Focus Session and Winning the

Recently, the 45th Photonics & Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS) successfully concluded in Chengdu. During the conference, Prof. Longnan Li and Prof. Wei Li from GPL organized a highly successful focus session titled "Thermal Photonics: Fundamental Physics and Application." Their efforts earned them the "Best Session Organizer Award" presented by the PIERS main committee.

The focus session invited leading scholars in the field of thermal photonics, including Prof. Xiaobo Yin from the University of Hong Kong, who is a fellow of both the Optical Society of America (OSA) and the International Society for Optics and Photonics Engineering (SPIE); Prof. Jia Zhu from Nanjing University, a recipient of the National Nature Science Foundation of China for Distinguished Young Scholars and a member of the Ministry of Education's Science and Technology Committee, also recognized as a fellow of OSA and a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry; along with Prof. Qiaoqiang Gan (Optica Fellow) from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and Prof. Baoling Huang from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, among others. These esteemed scholars delivered keynote and invited talks, engaged in in-depth discussions on fundamental and applied frontiers of thermal radiation control, radiative cooling, and photothermal conversion, which led to lively debates and were highly praised by Prof. Sailing He of Zhejiang University, a member of the PIERS chairman's group.

PIERS is a major global symposium committed to advancing photonics and electromagnetics for the benefit of humanity. PIERS is sponsored by The Electromagnetics Academy, founded by the late Professor Jin Au Kong (1942-2008) of MIT in 1989. The Electromagnetics Academy is a non-profit organization registered in USA. The 2024 PIERS conference featured 23 topics, encompassing nanophotonics, thermal photonics, optics and photonics, artificial intelligence, computational imaging, radar, and remote sensing, including 23 oral presentation sub-sessions and over 200 poster presentation sub-sessions.

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