Congratulations on the Lab's New Paper Published in Nature!

Intensity, polarization, and wavelength are intrinsic characteristics of light. Existing photodetectors for polarization and spectrum can only capture partial information in a single measurement. To tackle this limitation, in collaboration with Prof. Cheng-Wei Qiu of the National University of Singapore, Prof. Wei Li and his team propose a dispersion-assisted high-dimensional photodetector.

Their work introduces an innovative approach by utilizing the spatial and frequency dispersion properties of optical interfaces to modulate polarization and spectrum responses in wavevector space. This breakthrough enables the detection of complex, high-dimensional light containing arbitrarily mixed full-Stokes polarization states across a broad spectrum using a single device and measurement, facilitated by straightforward optical components and mature coating technology. This advancement paves the way for ultra-compact, high-dimensional information detection and imaging. This paper, titled “Dispersion-assisted high-dimensional photodetector, is published in Nature. Congratulations to Prof. Wei Li and his team members, Yandong Fan, Weian Huang, Fei Zhu, Chunqi Jin, Yang An and all co-authors!

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