The Foreign Staff and Students of GPL Actively Participated in the Calligraphy Activity

In order to make foreign staff and students feel the atmosphere of Chinese Spring Festival and experience traditional Chinese culture, the CIOMP International Cooperation Department and the Retirement Center of CIOMP jointly held the calligraphy activity of writing “Fu” on January 25, 2022. Mr. Changqing Yao, a calligraphy teacher who teaches CIOMP retirees, was invited to instruct the foreign staff and students. And our foreign staff Dr. Rao, Dr. Saraj and the foreign student Mr. Rahman took an active part in this activity. All they picked up ink brushes to write "Fu" word under the guidance. At the end of the activity, Mr. Yao wrote one set of Chinese New Year couplets for each foreign friend. They all said that they were very happy to participate in the activities related to Chinese culture, and they also appreciated the warmth and blessings of CIOMP for them.

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