Assist. Prof. Dr. Puspendu Barik 

Dr. Puspendu Barik received his Ph.D. in Physics from Visva-Bharati University (a Central University), India, in 2013. After his PhD, he did postdoctoral research work as a Research Associate at Visva-Bharati University, India (2012 – 2013), Researcher at the National University of Science and Technology (MISiS), Russia (2013), DGAPA postdoctoral fellow at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), Mexico (2014 - 16), and worked on the Colloidal QDs & metal nanoparticles – chemical method, Bio-nanocomposites, Optical and electrical properties of semiconductor nanostructure. In 2016, he joined the Indian Institute of Science as a Dr. D. S. Kothari Postdoctoral Fellow, where he studied the optical properties and applications of nanostructured photonic-plasmonic materials in plasmonic luminescent solar concentrator devices for three years. Dr. Barik also worked as a Project Scientist – D (2019 -2021) and PDRA – III (2022 – 2023) at S N Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, India. Currently, he is a PIFI Visiting Scientist at GPL Photonics Laboratory, Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics (CIOMP), China. His research interests include Evanescent wave Cavity ringdown Spectroscopy (EW-CRDS), SERS, colloidal nanostructures, nanocomposites, photonic–plasmonic structures, evanescent waves, plasmonic luminescent solar concentrator devices, gas sensing materials using plasmonic nanocomposites. He has co-authored more than 36 publications, including research papers, edited books, book chapters, and reviews.
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